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Mushroom Substrate - 5lb Bags

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ShroomCity Mushroom Substrate has a specialized formula, which is a mixture of the different forms of substrate such as manure, worm castings, and coconut coir. It is pre-pasteurized to eliminate potential contaminants. This substrate is the best choice for growing any dung loving mushroom, as it will colonize completely, leaving a healthy mushroom substrate with thick mycelium, and large fruiting bodies in the proper conditions.

Our bulk substrate is pre-pasteurized in an XLS .5 bag allowing you to grow directly in the bag if preferred. Our customers get a range of 1-2 ounces per bag of dried mushrooms depending on the species grown. We suggest one pound of sterilized grain per 5 lbs of bulk substrate. 


manure, worm castings, coconut coir

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Mushrooms are Life

"Mushroom Mycelium represents rebirth, rejuvenation, regeneration. Fungi generate soil that gives life. The task that we face today is to understand the language of Nature." -Paul Stamets